About Me

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Hi my name is Kami, aka “The Kale Girl”.

I’m currently a high school student and spontaneous dancer. I also follow Blogilates and enjoy running.  My friends say that all I eat is lettuce and tree bark or that I eat like a bunny on a diet, which is their interpretation of my  clean eating.

The aspect of eating clean is ultimately trying to eliminate overly processed foods out of your diet and eating more whole foods. I love eating clean and the way it makes me feel-so I wanted to share it with the world! Plus it feels really cool to say you run a blog and I enjoy making things look aesthetic.

I try to make these recipes as simple as possible without exotic only-found-in-Whole-Foods ingredients. Plus, I don’t like washing dishes, so the fewer bowls and pots, the happier I’ll be. On this blog you’ll find recreations of comfort food, failed attempts at being funny, and recipes ranging from raw to vegetarian to meat lover  because…well, it’s all food. And food is always good (except for when it’s not).

I just hope this blog puts a smile on your face! Thank you always for stopping by!

Tell me what you think:

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